Love to Read?

I have some time off of work and decided to try and get back to my roots by spending a few hours a day …… watching TV.

Is it bad that a TV show is a contributing factor to who I am? Or maybe it was just a good example of parts of me when it came on the air and that is why I connected with it so?

I don’t think I was as big of a coffee addict before I started watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ than I am now, so the show definitely had that affect. But I always loved the written word, which is why I am linking to the following page, because I probably would never have read ‘The Fountainhead’ if it wasn’t for Rory Gilmore.

Books Referenced in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Also, I love what this chick is doing.

Staying Warm and Fuzzy

I am enjoying the following this winter season:



The way the sun makes the snow look like glitter. And more so, that I can enjoy the view from my warm living room.



Warm fuzzy mittens that glisten like the snow.



Warm and fuzzy socks.



And this idea mom-in-law shared with me: Surround a tea light with coffee beans, and enjoy the warm aroma each time you walk past.

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For the Love of Coffee

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon:



I told the young Barista (if it is a dude, is it still Barista? Or does it change, like become Baristus? I’m going to go with Baristus), okay, so I told the young Baristus in the blue skinny jeans that the tiramisu  latte he made for me was so pretty that I needed to take a picture before drinking it.

“Thanks,” he said. “The art on top is my favorite part of making a latte. It’s what makes me love it.”

Thank you, young Baristus in the blue skinny jeans, for loving something, and caring about something, and spreading the good feelings that accompany that to others, in this case, me.

PS. With coffee on the brain last night, I thought about my bucket list desire to try a rare and magical kind of coffee that is known to retail for over $50 a brewed cup. An either odd looking or adorable cat-like animal (depending on your perspective) chooses the best coffee in nature, digests the beans, and people take the beans from the animals poo (I guess the digestive enzymes do something amazing?). After Googling pics of Kopi Luwak (okay, I couldn’t remember that name, so really I googled, “coffee animal poop”) I am officially taking trying the Civet cat coffee off of my bucket list. You Google it. Would you try it? I was all for it until I saw this: