Love to Read?

I have some time off of work and decided to try and get back to my roots by spending a few hours a day …… watching TV.

Is it bad that a TV show is a contributing factor to who I am? Or maybe it was just a good example of parts of me when it came on the air and that is why I connected with it so?

I don’t think I was as big of a coffee addict before I started watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ than I am now, so the show definitely had that affect. But I always loved the written word, which is why I am linking to the following page, because I probably would never have read ‘The Fountainhead’ if it wasn’t for Rory Gilmore.

Books Referenced in ‘Gilmore Girls’

Also, I love what this chick is doing.

A kind of crying that felt sort of awesome.

“Are you okay?” Hubby runs into the room, his face crinkled with worry.

Sniffle. Sniffle. “I’m fine.” I wipe my face with my shirt sleeve, drying a tear (and, thankfully, not getting snot all over myself). “This book is just so good!”

“Okay… Um, let me know if you need anything, I guess?”

“I’m good, thanks,” I whimper, then reach for a tissue…

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“Your Money or Your Life”

A book that changed my life:

‘Your Money or Your Life.’

By Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

I almost didn’t read it. The first time I flipped through it (when I was a teenager), I was appalled.

I had just happened to stop flipping and my eyes landed on the line at the top of page 106, which read, “C. Nonprescription, ‘recreational’ drugs.”

The phrase was on a list as an example of expenses to keep track of, and I was going through a puritanical phase (which came right after my dress-like-a-slut phase), and thus, appalled.

Now, in my wiser adult years, I realize they were just keepin’ sh*t real.


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How to Have a Clean Home, Easily.

Yo. What up?

I am going to share with you something that made my life easier. If you, like me have a little Monica Geller in you, or if you are the opposite and a total slob, also like me (hey folks, I am a complicated woman, and remember Monica’s secret messy closet? Sorry, I have just been watching a ton of ‘Friends’ lately) then the following book may help you greatly.

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Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better!


I love / hate my Kindle.


It seemed like such a great idea when I ordered it 2 1/2 years ago. I was all like, ‘I can have my entire library with me, and I don’t have to carry a tree around. Super duper!’ And, ‘I will save so much money on buying new books, even super duper-er!’

And it was great, at first.

But there are things I miss.

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