My favorite pictures from Maine:


I went super camera happy in Maine. Whenever I take pictures, I take about a gazillion. That way, if a bunch don’t turn out, there will usually be a few that I am happy with. This was a financially difficult practice back in the day of buying and developing film; but since the digital age, it’s been a pretty helpful system.

Anywho, I wanted to gather some of my faves from the many Maine posts I did last week into one spot. Oh, and kudos to anyone who can tell me what the heck that giant piece of washed up metal on the beach is. There was quite a bit of speculation among our traveling group, but we never came to a conclusion.


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Jetty in Maine

As continued from: Adventures in Maine and Shipwrecked in Maine

Whale watching is totally on my bucket list. We didn’t go, but I got to take a picture of a whale watching boat, so I’m on my way!


I kept on wanting to call this a ‘Jiggy’ (thank you, Will Smith), but it is actually called a ‘Jetty.’ I was finally able to get the word right by thinking of Yetis, because it rhymes, and because Yetis are fun.


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Shipwrecked in Maine


As y’all know from Adventures in Maine, I *had* to go to Maine for work.

I took about a gazillion pictures of this lighthouse. As one of my travel companions said when we approached this gorgeous Cape Elizabeth landmark,
“This is so totally Maine.”

Oh yeah, I had awesome travel companions. One was a dude who talked sports, was into heavy metal, and loved needle-pointing pillows. I kinda want to see a character based on him in a movie.


This woman was awesome. She let me and my crew be totally touristy all over her creative space.


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Adventures in Maine

“People will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

People in Maine made me feel awesome. I felt kindness everywhere. And kindness is my number one value in life.

The souvenir magnets in the airport gift shops of Portland, Maine, all said things like:

  • Keep calm, you’re in Maine
  • Peace, Love, Maine
  • Maine, the way life should be
  • Maine, Vacationland

Happiness in this geographic location is a priority. Yes!

Here are some adventures from my Maine travels (I *had* to go there for work. *Sigh*):


Sorry, vegetarians:

Lobster (or should I say, ‘LobstAH,’ yes, I think I should), before:


and after:


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