Where are your favorite places to write?


Yes, those are faces attached to the side of that shed.

Do you ever take a writer’s retreat? A couple of times, I have taken a day trip to this place:


The Flying Pig Art Gallery and Greenspace (and kick ass cafe)

It is a long drive, but worth it. Last time I was there it was a chilly fall day and I enjoyed hot lattes and warm fresh baked cookies all afternoon while my notebook and I cozied up at a corner table.

I love to write for a little bit, then get up and walk around the art space inside, or get some fresh air in the always changing art gardens outside. Write a little, then relax and refuel a little.

Usually I write in my living room on the squishiest chair we own, or in my bed with the window blinds open, and if I feel the need to go out, I’ll hit a local coffee house. But sometimes I need a treat, to spoil myself, and that’s when I take the day trip. To a place where pigs fly, and thus I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Where are your favorite places to write?


The top of an artistic coffee table in the cafe area. See the line that says, ‘Expresso Yourself’? Heehee. Punny.

8 thoughts on “Where are your favorite places to write?

    • Oh, I am so glad you said that. There is a beautiful lake just a 15 minute drive from my place and I almost never go there! I should make it a goal this summer to take a notebook there from time to time.

  1. My favorite place to write is my living room in the morning with the curtains open and the morning sun streaming brightly into the room. Of course, the house has to be completely empty too…. 🙂

  2. Believe it or not, I do my best writing when I’m at work. As soon as I come home, I get lazy and have no inspiration,but at work, I’m full of ideas and excitement. Weird, I know.

    • Isn’t it funny how things work like that? Sometimes at work I have to pull a piece of something I can write on out of the garbage in order to quickly jot down one of those ideas that visit you that you know are fleeting so you have to get it down right away. I work on a production line so it has to be fast, and when I get home I am usually like, “Huh? What did I mean when I wrote, ‘purple and onion day at the giant slide?'”

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