If You Can Smell Each Others’ Farts and Still Have Sex, You’ll be Okay.

Sometimes I do this thing called ‘free-writing’ to help me out when I am working on a writing project. Have you ever done this? You basically just write down whatever comes into your head, however gobbly-gook-ish it may be. It is super helpful and feels freeing (true to the name) because it is a chance to shut up that pesky editor voice that can linger in the back of your mind while working. Recently, I did one that turned into some back story narrative and decided to just go with it, and try to re-visit the going for gobbly-gook thing later (because going even further and not making any sense does actually help and take your mind / writing words to some cool places, so it is nice to challenge yourself to keep going beyond if something like a narrative situation starts to happen).

I was hoping I could work this back story into the novel I am working on at some ¬†point. Right now, I don’t know if that will happen, but I feel like I need a place to put it for now. So here it is:

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