Sexy Nerds are my Kryptonite

I am not technologically savvy, people. (I say things like, ‘the twitter,’ instead of just, ‘twitter.’)

Hubby was trying to show me how a smart phone works. He pressed a button, and this lady’s voice said, ‘what would you like to do?’ Hubby said I could ask any question.

What I really wanted to ask was, ‘what does it mean if my poop is green?’ (It was probably just that I ate too many bowls of Crunch Berries cereal). The lady in the phone was probably expecting a question like, ‘where is the nearest Target?’

Screenshot_2013-01-31-17-49-30 (2)

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Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better!


I love / hate my Kindle.


It seemed like such a great idea when I ordered it 2 1/2 years ago. I was all like, ‘I can have my entire library with me, and I don’t have to carry a tree around. Super duper!’ And, ‘I will save so much money on buying new books, even super duper-er!’

And it was great, at first.

But there are things I miss.

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