Marriage and Vibrators

Two weeks ago I mentioned that our coat closet was stinky.

Last night, hubby went to Target without me. He came home with some Glade air fresheners that were on sale for a dollar. Oh my gosh. I did not ask him to buy these. He took it upon himself to get them. Aww, he listens! And, he got them on super sale, because he knows I would flip if we spent money on something that was not essential (financial crisis, blah blah).

He knows me so well. (Oh, he also bought pads for me while he was there. Yes, he knows what kind I like and he ‘Always’–heehee, get it? Always?– gets the right ones. I love this man.)

Our conversation prior to his Target trip:

Hubby: I’m leaving. I’ll be back soon.

Me: Take your time.

(Keep in mind, during this exchange I am snuggled under blankets in the bed and he is standing in the bedroom doorway.)

Hubby: Do you need me to hand you some lube and your purple monster?

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