It is all very wibbly wobbly.

Am I a terrible person? Why else would people so often be angry with me and annoyed by me to the point that they must tell me so? I say, ‘so often,’ but that is probably a fallacy my depressed self thinks of, when in fact For every mean-to-me person in my life, there are probably 42 kind and positive ones if. If I ever sat down and did the math, I bet it would be somewhere around there — 42, I mean.

In my head, I have only ever tried to be nice and pleasing to everyone in my path. I have been taken advantage of several times as  a result (you know, the whole people pleaser thing). When I finally started standing up for myself at times, I discovered that some people don’t like that, and I just get more comments from them about what a horrible person I am.

I think, ‘You must experience me differently than I experience me.’ Which I suppose leads to, ‘I must experience you differently than you experience you.’

Is the world really at war all of the time? Is there no peace anywhere? Can we all just decide to be kind to each other? Can NPR do a story about a country that is awesome and peaceful during rush hour tomorrow and share hope that peace is attainable? (I have to bring the microcosm of small disputes between people to the larger issue of world peace of course. Because if we could just all get along, then there wouldn’t be war, would there be?)

How do I stay away from people who are hurtful? And how can I help them so they do not just turn around and hurt someone else? Or to them, am I the hurtful one? It is all very wibbly wobbly.


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Sexy Nerds are my Kryptonite

I am not technologically savvy, people. (I say things like, ‘the twitter,’ instead of just, ‘twitter.’)

Hubby was trying to show me how a smart phone works. He pressed a button, and this lady’s voice said, ‘what would you like to do?’ Hubby said I could ask any question.

What I really wanted to ask was, ‘what does it mean if my poop is green?’ (It was probably just that I ate too many bowls of Crunch Berries cereal). The lady in the phone was probably expecting a question like, ‘where is the nearest Target?’

Screenshot_2013-01-31-17-49-30 (2)

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