Monkey Down

Goodbye, Melvin the Monkey soap dispenser.

You were a breakable object, and coexisted in a home with me, therefore, your ultimate demise was inevitable.

My glasses were on the sink, so I couldn’t really see what happened to you, but I was drying my hair (upside down style for that extra volume effect) and suspect that a cord snag and massive hair flip were involved.



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Love Hurts

Things I have done — accidentally of course — in the name of klutziness:

  • Used hydro-cortisone cream as toothpaste.
  • Sniffed eye drops. (Dude, that hurt. The eye drops sort of looked like my Afrin bottle. Afrin in the eyes would have been worse, right?)
  • Elbowed my husband in the face. (I was just reaching for a pillow. Still, he totally got a black eye from that one.)
  • Sat on a cream filled desert.


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