Monkey Down

Goodbye, Melvin the Monkey soap dispenser.

You were a breakable object, and coexisted in a home with me, therefore, your ultimate demise was inevitable.

My glasses were on the sink, so I couldn’t really see what happened to you, but I was drying my hair (upside down style for that extra volume effect) and suspect that a cord snag and massive hair flip were involved.



4 thoughts on “Monkey Down

  1. hahah.

    We have some friends who are just the coolest people on the planet. We were visiting them and they gave us shots of bourbon in glasses that are 140 years old. I FREAKED OUT. I didn’t want to touch the glass because..well..I’m me and I would break it. The husband told me…It’s already broken. Everything that is breakable is already broken. We’re grateful for the time before that happens.

    I thought that was wonderful…but it still made me really nervous.

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