I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

Blogging about blogging….

Did something just happen in the space-time continuum?

Isn’t it fun to check your blog stats and see what people search online to find your blog? Or what the most clicked link on your blog is?

What are some of these things for you?

Here are mine:

The most clicked link on Slimegreen = http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/selleck-waterfall-sandwich

That’s right. Tom Selleck and sandwiches and waterfalls. Awesome. The best part is that I didn’t even find that link to share. It was found and shared by the marvelous Nachista’s Nest in the comments of my post, “Um. I’m not sure what to call this. Maybe ‘Snow Penis?’

Bless all of you who clicked on it.

Some search terms people use to find shtuff on Slimegreen:

  •  “Steamfresh couscous and spinach.” Not exactly exciting, but awesome because I love that stuff, which is why I wrote about it.
  • “Pooped my pants as an adult.” Ooooh. Now we are getting a little more interesting!
  • “Smell each others’ farts.” Heehee, farts.
  • “Laughing vagina.” Again, heehee (that is the sound of my vagina laughing).
  • “Um how does this work i’m not sure.” Well, I am not sure either. But I hope you found some help.
  • “Nerds are sexy.” Damn right they are!

I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

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Um. I’m not sure what to call this. Maybe, ‘Snow Penis?’

So, I feel silly writing a post about writing a post.

It’s like when you watch a movie that’s about making a movie. Super weird, right? (Okay, and now I just had to google ‘Movies about making movies.’)

But, there are times when I just can’t wait to see what articles that Zemanta feature thingy is going to recommend! I mean, I just want to type and type and then type some more. Get down whatever crazy sh** may be popping in my brain, and see what happens next. The anticipation!

Like, what happens if I what I am typing includes the words, ‘snow,’ and then, ‘penis?’ What ever could appear?

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