Don Henley Scared Me!


Look out, Arnold!

Our TV does this thing where it shows album art from our iTunes collection. I don’t know how, but it does. I think my technologically savvy spouse may have something to do with that.

Today, while sprawled on the squishy-ness that is my sofa, and trying to will myself to get the frack up and do something other than stare at an embarrassing display of Ashley Tisdale and Ashlee Simpson artwork (uh oh, I even know the proper way to spell the corresponding Ashley / Ashlee’s names, really must get the frack up), I saw a picture that disturbed me.

The name on the picture said, ‘Don Henley,’ but my guts knew that couldn’t be so. He was an impostor. A horrible man with something to hide.Who was he, really?

My mind churned and gurgled.

Oh My Gosh!!! It’s the bad guy from Kindergarten cop! And he looks like he is crouching outside the elementary school in Astoria, Oregon, waiting for the perfect moment to kidnap Dominic! Help Arnold!

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