For anyone who has ever traveled to Paris and misses it. For anyone who dreams of going to Paris in the future. It is the world’s city. A living, breathing museum.

Janice MacLeod

I was just perusing Etsy, and looking at the above link sometimes moves me to tears. Will I ever get back to Paris and do my dreamed-about photo sessions with doors? Maybe, maybe not. But oh dear Lord, do I feel so amazingly happy that I was ever able to be there in the first place.


The Head of a Horse

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I could write a very long essay about what this means to me:


Where is this? Outside the Louvre in Paris (please pronounce ‘Paris’ as parrrie in your head because I don’t know how to enunciate the accent thing in type. The three ‘r’s represent that half gargling sound in the back of your throat).

I will not write a long essay because… well… boring! But I will say that the following represents my experience of Paris and extends to the unfortunate state of the world.

Notice the beautiful palace in the background, the building itself is as much of a work of art as the famous pieces it houses (like that lady with the intriguing smile).

Now notice the work of statue art in the foreground. A man beating down on another man with the head of a horse (not sure if it is a horse, but it is some kind of worker beast and horse is the first thing that my brain related to). As a warehouse worker, there are times when I look at my coworkers and their struggles and think of the struggles I used to have when there was no money even though I was breaking my body, and that many of them are still in that place and that it is very possible that I could end up back in that place in the future, and I feel like that horse-head-man, looked at only as a means to product.

I have to stop here because of course this all relates to the never ending human issue of the have and have-nots, rich and poor, a deep problem that in thousands of years we have never solved as a people, a problem that there are so many opinions on and makes my brain hurt and my heart ache. I will think a thousand words about the way the horse-head-man is licking himself, the way the man above him is holding the beating stick, and on and on.

What do you see when you look at this picture?