Saving Money

I saved sooooo much money today.

It is only $20 dollars to take this pile of disgusting, spider-ridden wood to the local waste management facility.


And it is $42.50 for Special Pick-up, the curb-side service of waste disposal.

I paid $42.50.

How did I save money, you may wonder?

Well, if I would have cheaped out and transported the gross wood myself, here is how the universe would work with me in that situation:

1. I put the wood in the trunk of my car.

2. A certain percentage of spiders and /or other creepy crawlies would have freed themselves during transport.

3. At a later date, one of said creatures would scare me whilst I drive, most likely causing me to crash and having possibly thousands of dollars in car repairs.

So today, I just saved thousands of dollars in car repairs.

Totally worth an extra $22.50.