Hey, Free Stuff!

This is the best way I save money, and I am sharing this tip with you.

You’re welcome.

Even though I’d like to be one of those super deep people who doesn’t need stuff to be happy . . . sometimes, stuff makes me happy.

So, when when I would like to enjoy material pleasures, but simultaneously desire to be financially responsible,  I go shopping in my own home. And I’m like hey, free stuff! Because I already have it!

It is just a way for me to enjoy what already surrounds me. That does sound kind of deep, right?


Gnome lamp. I like to think that he is related to the Glowworms.


Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock!


Origami flowers in vase. The kind of flowers that never die! (Made by origami artist, Hubby.)


Lightsaber chopsticks. Wait, there’s only one! Oh my gosh, I lost one!

The end.


Oh, and y’all have already seen these:DSC00178[1]

From the post: “Being an adult can suck, and it can be awesome. And sometimes the sucking part is what’s awesome (wink, wink, because I totally mean that in a dirty way.)”

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