Monkey Down

Goodbye, Melvin the Monkey soap dispenser.

You were a breakable object, and coexisted in a home with me, therefore, your ultimate demise was inevitable.

My glasses were on the sink, so I couldn’t really see what happened to you, but I was drying my hair (upside down style for that extra volume effect) and suspect that a cord snag and massive hair flip were involved.



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Voice mail from my Mom:

Punky, you need to go on Facebook and change the description on your picture. It is not, ‘got my hair did.’ It is ‘done.’ You are an English Major and should know better. Go change it now. It is ridiculous.

My reply via a comment on the Facebook pic, instead of calling her back because I really didn’t like her tone of voice:

Mom, I know the correct way to say it is, ‘done,’ and not, ‘did.’ However, all of the cool kids on the street say ‘got my hair did.’ And though I am not a cool kid on the street, I like to pretend to be one sometimes. So don’t worry. That Master’s DegreeĀ in English will be alright. Although I did just miss spell ‘alright’ and had to fix it when that red squiggly line thingy appeared beneath it. Who knew that word only had one ‘L’ and not two? Well, now I do. Thanks!

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