Pressures on Women

Do any other women feel this way:

You are in your 20s, maybe in love, maybe not. Either way, societal pressures = ‘you are too young to get married, etc…’

You are in your 30s, societal pressures = ‘you aren’t married yet? When are you having kids?’

I’m sorry, when are we supposed to make all of this stuff happen? It is like you only have this small window from 27 to 33 to fall in love, settle down, establish a household, have your career life figured out, and start making babies.



4 thoughts on “Pressures on Women

  1. And when you get married, you are immediately asked about kids.

    If you think about it, all of them are totally inappropriate questions about your sex life. I’ve said so to people and asked how their sex life is going. 😉 seems to end the conversation. Heehee

  2. You should move to Utah, it gets so much more ridiculous. Then just wait and tell people “I like kids, but I can’t eat a whole one” when they ask you why you don’t want to have children of your own.

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