Looking for some kinky love?

I recently told y’all about the obnoxious (not to me, of course, but to our neighbors I’m sure) flamingos that inhabit my backyard.


Well, they just found a new friend!


This turkey joined them the other day.

Hubby was able to capture this shot before scaring the bird away.

Did I mention that I live in the city? This ain’t no country backyard, folks.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Turkey: I hope you found your way home okay! You must have been very lost. I assume by now you were scared by enough city stuff that you were default-ly located back to wilder outskirts. Thank you for visiting, and for positioning yourself profile among the flamingos. Were you trying to camouflage?  Were you looking for some kinky love? Visit again if you like. Love, Punky.

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Did Mister Rogers have pink flamingos in his yard?



It is spring! Sort of. I mean, I know technically date-wise it is, even though the air still lingers around freezing. But this weekend a miracle happened! The snow in our yard melted. It actually stayed above 32 degrees for two whole days! (Even though this morning it was 19 degrees so there actually may not be an end in sight.)

To celebrate — as well as to give my neighbors a blessed, visual springtime gift — I busted out the thrift shop yard flamingos. Oh, don’t worry. That is just one of many.

You’re welcome.

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