Did Mister Rogers have pink flamingos in his yard?



It is spring! Sort of. I mean, I know technically date-wise it is, even though the air still lingers around freezing. But this weekend a miracle happened! The snow in our yard melted. It actually stayed above 32 degrees for two whole days! (Even though this morning it was 19 degrees so there actually may not be an end in sight.)

To celebrate — as well as to give my neighbors a blessed, visual springtime gift — I busted out the thrift shop yard flamingos. Oh, don’t worry. That is just one of many.

You’re welcome.

You wish you were my neighbor!

Oh my gosh, that reminds me: I had the BIGGEST crush on LeVar Burton when I was growing up. Um… That is totally related to this topic. Because I just typed the word, ‘neighbor,’ so of course the theme song to ‘Mister Rogers’ popped into my head. And LeVar Burton would sometimes stop by the home of Mister Rogers. (Did guests have to change their shoes and cardigans? I can’t remember the rules.) Also, one of the best shows ever, ‘Reading Rainbow,’ used to air around the same time. And LeVar Burton hosted that best show.

9 thoughts on “Did Mister Rogers have pink flamingos in his yard?

  1. Ha ha, you can’t go wrong with a pink flamingo! We did a fundraiser for our youth group once that involved putting 50 pink flamingos in people’s yards from the church, and they had to pay us to remove them. Yeah, it was extortion, but it was for a good cause! We were trying to raise money for a pizza party or something 🙂

    When I get to work, I often take off my coat and put my sweater on, because it’s freezing in there…and I always, always think of Mr. Rogers. I guess at least I’m not changing my shoes, too.

    • Heehee! I have driven past a house in our area with dozens of flamingos in the yard and a sign that said, ‘You’ve been flocked!’ It was something to do with a church, too. Funny!

  2. It’s still far too cold, and we still have a huge chunk of ice under our leaky eves/gutters, but I’m starting to feel spring in the air and now I wish I had some pink flamingos to celebrate with. 🙂

  3. Looking for some kinky love? – slimegreen

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