I Can Always Just Marry Rich! (Oh, and my husband’s name is Rich. And he’s not rich. So it’s funny.)

As I get older, am I becoming more like my mother, or, is she becoming more like me?

The text below is proof.

(Note: Rich is hubby’s name.  I didn’t want anyone to get confused and think that I am texting about a state of wealth, because I text his name in lower case, ‘rich.’ I like to think that is because I am too lazy to hit the button to create a capital letter, and does not reflect on how I view him as a person.)

(Another note: Kristin is my sibling.)


Um, did she say that on purpose? Was she making fun of me? Did my mom just make a funny?

Or is this just the perfect explanation of where I get it from, whatever ‘it’ may be.

PS. After 9 years of marriage, the old ‘I always said I could just marry rich,’ joke has still not gotten old. Well, at least to me. Not sure what rich, I mean, Rich, would say about that. It’s probably really not funny because he has been struggling in the area of employment lately and doesn’t feel to great about that fact… Hmm. I should really be a more caring and sensitive wife.

What and ever! It is totally funny.

PPS. I wonder if anyone will wonder what I was thanking him for…Heehee, hint: something dirty…

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