Sometimes I read something online and I’m all, ‘Oh my gosh. That was so inspiring! I must come back and read this again!’ Then I link it here:

Life is All About the Ups and Downs

Live Life Happy

One Red Paperclip 

The Cat Lady Sings — The Invisible Woman

Julie DeNeen — The Conflicted Feminist

Embarking on a Hero’s Journey

21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You’re Depressed

Lessons Learned and Memories to Last a Lifetime

The Jiggly Bits — About

How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get?

Wil Wheaton — Why it’s awesome to be a nerd.

Darlene Craviotto — 10 Things That Helped Me Get Over Agoraphobia

The Cat Lady Sings — Why I Am No Longer Advertising

LScott Poetry — Join Me For Coffee?

The Bloggess — I’m coming out of this. Eventually.

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