How to Have a Clean Home, Easily.

Yo. What up?

I am going to share with you something that made my life easier. If you, like me have a little Monica Geller in you, or if you are the opposite and a total slob, also like me (hey folks, I am a complicated woman, and remember Monica’s secret messy closet? Sorry, I have just been watching a ton of ‘Friends’ lately) then the following book may help you greatly.

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The Secret to Getting Laid

Here it is fellas. The secret to getting laid.

Note: What I am about to tell you particularly applies if you are in a steady committed relationship, and will only fail if your partner is totally crazy and/or neurotic. In which case, let’s face it, you have bigger problems to worry about.


Clean the house, the apartment, the camper, wherever you live.

I once saw a commercial (like, a decade ago) for an episode of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ in which Raymond is vacuuming the drapes and his wife says something to the effect of, ‘You have never been sexier to me than you are right now.’ I didn’t even watch that show. But I remember that commercial. It stuck in my head all these years because it is so true!

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