How to Have a Clean Home, Easily.

Yo. What up?

I am going to share with you something that made my life easier. If you, like me have a little Monica Geller in you, or if you are the opposite and a total slob, also like me (hey folks, I am a complicated woman, and remember Monica’s secret messy closet? Sorry, I have just been watching a ton of ‘Friends’ lately) then the following book may help you greatly.

Cleaning Plain and Simple, by Donna Smallin.

I used to dread cleaning, procrastinate doing it, just stare at things and will them to be clean, fantasize about Mary Poppins singing ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ in my bathroom while the mildew stains magically disappeared. (And then she would pull a lamp out of her purse. Because that sh** is just fracking awesome.)

You know the feeling. Dreading spending your precious free time busting your vagina off, when you know everything will just be dirty again in a few days, or, if you have kids, dirty again in a few seconds.

I read this book over 5 years ago, but still recall a few of the helpful things that made my life easier, and let me enjoy being just a little bit lazier (some people call it lazy, I call it just trying to be more energy — my personal energy — efficient).

One was this: keep more waste baskets around. I used to just keep one in the bathroom, and one in the kitchen. Now, every room has a cute trash bin (fun excuse to go shopping in the housewares department!). This is such a simple thing that made a huge difference in keeping things in tact around the house. I resisted this at first because I was all ‘But it’s bad to have a lot of trash because of the environment and stuff.’ But really, that is a whole other issue that we will be working on for generations, so maybe get some cute recycling containers to go next to the trash bins, or remember to separate when you empty the little ones (that’s how we roll). The whole point is to keep the containers tiny and cute, but not so tiny that they become more of a pain to empty all of the time. Basically, try some sh**, then see what works best for your household. So simple (hence the title of the book), but made a huge difference. I didn’t believe it until I did it (like your first orgasm).


Two: it is okay to just do a quick wipe up sometimes. I used to be all, ‘Ugh, that spot behind the toilet is gross again. The bathroom is dirty. Now I need to spend 30 minutes of my precious free time cleaning the bathroom. Ugh. I’ll do it next weekend’ then proceed to procrastinate and get stressed until it was done. Hello! Just take 10 seconds to wipe that spot quick. Then it is done and out of your mind. If something else gets icky, then you’ll do a quick wipe up on that.

And the third and most effective: have company over at least once a month. That will get you to take care of those pesky things you tend to let go for too long.

Basically, I had to change the way I thought about cleaning. It doesn’t always have to be a huge chore. The goal is to make it as easy on yourself as possible. It’s a self love thing (not self love in a dirty way, although, make sure you wipe that up, too). Respecting and loving yourself and your time.

The end.

PS. Thank you, Donna Smallin.

PPS. There is way more in the book.

PPPS. (An update, same day as post published) I should probably note that hubby does most of the cleaning, otherwise I feel like a big phat liar.

16 thoughts on “How to Have a Clean Home, Easily.

  1. I’m a horrible housekeeper. Mostly because the internet is so much more interesting. Before the internet I had to find other excuses.

    Still, occasionally housework must be done. I use some products my mom would never dream of, but they work if you clean sporadically like I do.

  2. “Yo. What up?” – Best opening line, EVAH.

    Also, please come clean my house. I will pay you in food. But not food that *I* make. You’re welcome.

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