You Have to do What Works Best for You.

I went on a cupcake diet.


That’s right. A cupcake diet.

Yo-yo diets are a big part of my muffled health past. I recently decided, screw it. I am no longer going to try to loose weight, but instead make an effort to change habits that will positively affect me in the long run.

Thus, the cupcake diet was born. About once a week, I go to the most amaze-balls cupcake shop ev-a and enjoy. I don’t kick myself in the ass or feel guilty. Instead, during the week when I feel like a good old fashioned binge after a stressful day at work, I think about my weekend cupcake, and find myself able to make better choices.

Okay, so the cupcake diet name in itself is really a joke. I mean, I am aware that it  sounds like just another yo-yo. But it is more of the mindset part that is working for me. The biggest part of my health problem is binge eating, and this is a way for me to work through that and form new habits.

And if I have learned anything when it comes to my health, is that I have to do what works for me.

For Christmas, my sister thought a great gift idea would be a Weight-Watchers online membership (wait, did I just get called fat for Christmas? Just kidding, sis, you know I love you).


(Above: my half-eaten cookie dough brownie from the best cupcake shop on the planet)

Here is my problem (problem, or something that makes me awesome, it’s a perspective thing): when someone tells me to do something, I always want to do the opposite. Translation: So, Weight-Watchers, you are telling me I can only eat this many points? Well, I’ll show YOU how many points I can eat in a day!

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