Please Be Kind to the Klutzes in Your Life!


I am a klutz.



(Above: The sturdy coffee mugs — obviously marketed towards children, weird — from which I drink every beverage. Even wine. You think I can have wine glasses in my home, fool? In our first year of marriage, I broke every one of the two dozen just regular glasses my husband brought into the union. He learned. Oh, yes, he learned.)

I am surprised my husband is still alive, considering all of the things I have banged into his body. And not in a fun, dirty way, but in a my-elbow-accidentally-hit-his-face-and-he-had-a-black-eye-for-a-week kind of way.  I swear, it was an accident. I didn’t know his face was going to be there.

By the way, he brought me flowers at work the day after the elbow / face incident because he felt bad about how bad I felt about it. But that was earlier in our relationship. There have been so many klutzy experiences since that occurrence  that he is now used to the pain. In fact, he expects it.

Here is the point: Every time I hurt someone or break something, I feel awful. So very, very awful. I beat myself up about it. Don’t get me wrong, home is a safe space (because my husband is awesome and sweet). It is out in public and at work that I worry. Because, yes, I have broken things in stores and I have hurt people at work (dropping a book on someones head, that sort of thing).

So when the klutz in your life hurts you or breaks your favorite thing, please, please, be gentle. They are already punishing themselves enough, and have to anchor the pain of constant embarrassment and guilt throughout their life.

My suggestion, find a coping mechanism. My husband’s coping mechanism is just to laugh over a grunt of pain, and tell me that I’m cute. He’s going to hurt no matter what, so no sense in getting mad and adding my emotional pain to his physical pain. There is already enough pain involved, people.

Love a klutz today! Maybe with a ‘that’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ Or an ‘it didn’t hurt that bad.’

P.S. Sometimes I trip when I am just standing there!

9 thoughts on “Please Be Kind to the Klutzes in Your Life!

  1. My wife and I chose to drink the champagne at our wedding from special matching coffee mugs. Now, we share our morning coffee together with the same mugs each day. Thought it would be more fun than using champagne glasses we would 1) inevitably knock over during the wedding, and 2) would get forgotten in a cabinet somewhere. This way, we embrace our klutziness and are reminded of our wedding say every day. Yep, we’re klutzy AND sappy!

  2. I completely understand. I have fallen down while doing nothing more rigorous than standing in a hall gently swinging a shopping bag back and forth. I break things and feel bad for about 2 minutes until I realize that it is just stuff. I feel much worse if I actually break a human being, but they usually heal much better than coffee mugs.

  3. Love the mugs. My husband and I have matching Minnie and Mickey mouse mugs. I have beautiful wine glasses too. See the word ‘have’? Well ‘have’ is about 2 broken glasses from a set of 8, away from being ‘HAD’.
    Klutzes need to be embraced (and sometimes laughed at) but embraced 😉

  4. Love Hurts – slimegreen

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