Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better!


I love / hate my Kindle.


It seemed like such a great idea when I ordered it 2 1/2 years ago. I was all like, ‘I can have my entire library with me, and I don’t have to carry a tree around. Super duper!’ And, ‘I will save so much money on buying new books, even super duper-er!’

And it was great, at first.

But there are things I miss.

I miss:

  • Selling my books to Half Price Books and putting 50 cents towards a new (to me) book.
  • Donating my books to Good Will when I am done.
  • Lending my books to friends and family for longer than 14 days, and having them pass on that book  to their friends and family. (This is also a way I used to get good books to read and discover authors I love, but the cycle is disintegrating.)
  • Basically being able to do what I want with the book I purchased when I am finished with it.

I will admit, the convenience of the Kindle is awesome.It was way more awesome back when I had money to spend $12.99 on a new book every month. Now that I am skint (I think that might be a British word for ‘broke,’ and it is possible I learned that on an episode of ‘Gilmore Girls’ if it is), I don’t buy new books like that anymore (of course, I make an exception for any Jill Mansell title). The free titles are a great option, but not always what I am looking for.

I know the Kindle can do the library thing, which is awesome, but it can be just as frustrating as the real-live physical library as well, because they don’t always have what I want at the moment.

Okay, now I sound a bit complain-y and I don’t mean to. Wait, yes I do. I miss regular books!

Oh, wait again. I have discovered some authors that I love through the Kindle (mostly because they have books available for $1.99 sometimes) like Karen McQuestion, whose stories I adore.

I love / hate my Kindle.

29 thoughts on “Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better!

  1. My Birthday is coming, and surprisingly I fell as though I don’t have anything ‘special’ to ask for. I was thinking of some sort of tablet, but I am afraid of the same thing. That I won’t especially like it. I too love, love, love books. Real Books. Lending them, borrowing them, turning their pages, and sticking a bookmark in them.

    Hmmm, maybe I will just ask for some perfume or a new purse…. or both 😉

  2. I don’t own an e-reader or tablet. I get why people love and use them, I just don’t want to spend money re-aquiring all my favorite books for it. And you are correct in your usage of the work skint (I used to live in Ireland and it was used heavily over there).

  3. I gave my wife a Nook two years ago for Christmas and she’s never used it. I used it once. I got the tablet kind so I told her to use it as a computer instead, lol. There is just something about the smell and texture of books that does it for me. Also, when I go to the used bookstores around us it is an adventure finding out of prints that just scream…”READ ME”.

    • I am also a sucker for the whole smelling of the books thing. Oh, and the way a bookstore smells! Sometimes, instead of just shopping online for books, I would go to a bookstore for the fun of browsing, and then write down the titles to buy on my kindle! Then I stopped because I felt dirty,like I was cheating on the bookstore.

  4. I understand.
    I’ve got a multitude of e-readers loaded on my tablet and I gave them all a good, solid try.
    I found that I just like the feel of a book. Also, I would rather read a paperback in the tub than let the tablet dangle over open water.

      • I’m surprised they haven’t come up with water jackets and floaties for ereaders, yet…just for this very reason. They’d need to be wine-proof, too, come to think of it.

  5. I do most of my blog reading on my kindle fire, which saves my eyes considerably. Only problem is when I want to comment- it’s difficult to type and it makes awkward autocorrects like “blog” to “bologna”

    • Heehee. The word, ‘bologna’ always makes me giggle. I don’t know why. Maybe because it makes me think of Oscar Meyer bologna, and then I think of Oscar Meyer wieners, and wieners are funny.

  6. Well it was technology of the Google Alert kind that brought me to your page, and I’m so glad it did – you just paid me about the biggest compliment any author could wish for! Thank you so much – this is hugely appreciated and you’ve cheered me right up. And yes, I feel exactly the same as you about eReaders. They’re magical and amazing in some ways and a pain in the neck in others – my pet hate is not being able to flick back to near to the beginning of a book to remind myself of some name or story detail I’ve forgotten. Or sometimes I manage to leave my thumb on the right side of the reader so I accidentally flip forward a few chapters…and then when I glance down at the page I see a massive plot spoiler…
    Happy reading!
    Jill Mansell xx

    • No way. Is this really Jill Mansell? I think I am going to have a star-struck flip out heart attack!
      I have had the same frustrations with that flippy thing. For some reason, it is easier for me to visualize and thumb through on regular paper pages when I want to go back to check on a detail. And it feels faster than pressing buttons, also.
      Okay, back to my star-struck flip out heart attack.

  7. I love my tablet! I get instant book gratification from it. I do a LOT of Amazon shopping for my reads, as it’s a whole lot easier that making the trip to town to go to the chain bookstore that rarely has what I need/want when I need/want it.

    I’m kind of a book keeper (not bookkeeper-that involves math *shudder*) in that I rarely part with them, much to the dismay of my husband, who hates that I accumulate heavy boxes of them to put in the attic.

    There are times, however, when I do love a physical book to hold, highlight, and reference at a moment’s notice, but for fiction? Oh, yeah! 😉 E-cookbooks? No, thanks.

    Oh! And the workaround for an e-reader in the tub is a zip-lock bag (this works at the pool, too).

    The down-side is that when I am in bright sunlight, it’s hard to read on the tablet. I do have a Nook with the non-glare screen, but most of my fiction is purchased from Amazon, and I’m too cheap to go buy another reader just so I can read in the sun.

  8. It’s a relief to read this. My coworkers think I am odd because I prefer real books to e-books. I don’t dislike my Kindle. I’ve read several books on it. But the paperback mysteries I like are cheaper than their Kindle counterparts. And I like frequenting the used book stores to find new authors.
    I have discovered a couple new authors due to the Daily Deals. But overall, it’s real books for me.

  9. I have not been able to go all digi-book at all! I cannot bring myself to do it. I like holding books, feeling the cover & turning pages. Mostly, though, I have this weird-o habit (or so my husband calls it) of smelling books. If you’ve ever noticed the smell of a book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I used to love standing in the library as a kid and smelling the old books. I’ll never get over that. Haha I don’t think they have scratch & sniff Kindles.

  10. I do love my kindle fire that I got for Christmas. I am using it now. But mostly I use it for blog reading, social media, and Hulu. I have only read 2 books on it. I am old fashioned about books. If I’m going to spend more than$5 on it, it needs to be a real book. It needs to be tangible. Like I said, old fashioned! 🙂

    • The Kindle Fe looks awesome. When my kindle dies, I think I would upgrade to a Fire, for exactly what you said. It would be cool to do blog reading, web stuff, and watching movies and TV shows wherever.

  11. I know it’s the way to go…with a kindle or a tablet or something, but I just love books. Anyway.. I never get to read anymore between blogging and kiddos… I signed up for and listen to books on my phone when I run. It’s awesome!

  12. I still read books 🙂 Though I do see how a Kindle would be a nice thing to have. I’m a little bit (a lot o’ bit) old fashioned and have a difficult time trading for the “new fangled” things…like microwave dinners or pre-made pie crusts! I’m 46…aka: a lost cause!

    • Me too. In fact, I am trying to make more of an effort to go to the Library like I used to do so much! I recently watched, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun,’ then had a huge craving to read the book. I was tempted to just spend the $11.99 and get it on my kindle, but proud of myself for deciding instead to go to the library and borrow it for free! Also, pre-Kindle, I used to go to Half Price Books a lot, and almost never do anymore. I may make more of an effort to go there, as well.

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