Keurig Review by a Mega Coffee Snob. Or, Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better, Part 2!


I am a coffee snob.

Just something to keep in mind as I tell you what I am about to tell you.

Things I like about my Keurig (a gift from mom-in-law):

  • It dispenses water at the perfect hot/warm drinkable temperature. Thus, my tongue remains un-burnt when I drink tea (which is rarely, even though I would love to be one of those people who drinks tea every day) or when I make hot chocolate (I put the powder in a mug — because K-cup hot chocolate is gross — then just let the hot water pour in, stirring as it pours for that wonderful frothy effect). 
  • Um . . . I think that’s it.


Things I dislike about my Keurig:

  • My first response to this machine was, ‘what are all of these K-cup things for?’ It didn’t occur to me that every other coffee drinker doesn’t prefer fresh ground beans for a fresh brew.
  • I found some K-cup-ish filter things online, probably invented by a coffee snob like me who wanted to use the beans of their choice to make a cup. However, coarseness adjustments go like this: too coarse = watery and weak brew, too fine = grounds all up in my cup. There is no happy medium. And I tried. Like, 30 times.
  •  I finally said, ‘okay, I’ll use these K-cup things.’ They all had some hint of ash tray taste. I  tried about 15 types. Every now and then I make a flavored cup, hazelnut or french vanilla, and the ash tray hint is mostly covered up and just lingers a bit in the after taste. Because, lets face it: even though K-cup coffee may taste gross, it is still better (as I think almost anything would be) than the coffee at work.

I have had this machine one full year, and tried so hard to love it for its true nature — making coffee — and was so disappointed  But, I want to live a happy life, and that means looking for the positive in things. So I will love this machine for what it is to me. And that is a beautiful, dependable, hot water dispenser.

After a year of playing around with the Keurig and trying to give it a real chance, I am back to my regular routine of grinding my beans of choice and brewing traditional style. There is nothing that can beat the wonderful way that process makes my home smell!

And sometimes, if I am not feeling totally lazy (because most of the time, I feel totally lazy) I will break out this bad boy:

DSC00134[1]Manual coffee press, baby!

P.S. If you are not a mega coffee snob and just want a fast and hot cup when you head out the door in the morning, and you don’t mind the taste thing when it comes to coffee, you probably wont mind having a Keurig.

15 thoughts on “Keurig Review by a Mega Coffee Snob. Or, Technology Doesn’t Always Make Something Better, Part 2!

  1. I’m not a fan of the Keurig either, worst coffee ever. Well, Aldi’s coffee tastes like cat litter, but that’s the coffee not the coffee maker. Anyway, my fancy Krups espresso maker died after 6 years of faithful service, and I didn’t have the money to buy another one. I got a $30 Bella espresso machine at Target, and it works just fine. Not as good as my old, expensive one, but way better than a Keurig!

  2. Ah, my fellow coffee snob. I am totally with you! I have a Nespresso. I never use it. I like to find some really great, locally roasted beans (French or Italian Roast, or Espresso) and brew a pot. I searched far and wide for the right coffee maker. The issue was always the water temperature; never hot enough to make it right. Then I found the Techni Vorm Moccamaster. It’s Scandanavian. A little pricey, but worth every penny. My grinder is a Rancilio. My coffee ritual makes me happy.

    Thanks for finding a use for my Nespresso. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately for my sugar/alcohol-free detox.

  3. We ended up buying Tassimo ourselves here at home, Instead of the keurig that I tried at a sampling table at a local walmart, Didn’t try any keurig made stuff since 😦

  4. The only time I appreciate a Keurig is when I am waiting in an office or at my hairdresser, etc and am offered a cup of coffee. It is usually a better alternative to the cup o swill that has been sitting for hours.

  5. How do you take your coffee? – slimegreen

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