How to tell if he really loves you.

Reasons I know that my husband loves me:

  • Before I take a shower, he shakes out my towel to make sure there are no centipedes in it. Because one time there was a centipede in my towel and it freaked the fuck out of me. And Rich doesn’t want me to have the fuck freaked out of me. Because he loves me.
  • He picks my wedgies for me. I can not psychoanalyze that one. But I am pretty sure he wouldn’t do that if he didn’t love me.
  • When I fall asleep too early on a Thursday night and miss the chance to go to the deli that closes at 9pm in order to buy puppy chow to have for a special end of the week breakfast on Friday before work (with some amazing coffee, of course), he gets up in the middle of the night, finds a 24 hour grocery, buys the ingredients for puppy chow, and slaves away in the kitchen so that the first thing I see when I wake up Friday feeling bummed about missing out on puppy chow, is a kitchen table full of bowls of puppy chow. Β Whew, longest sentence ever. I am pretty sure this means he loves me.



(Also, sometimes he just plain spells it out for me.)

15 thoughts on “How to tell if he really loves you.

      • It sounds like he knew the way well before he knew about the chocolate πŸ™‚ I’ve told my wife many times the reason I instantly fell in love with her is because my heart already knew her β€” so it recognized her right away. Sounds like your husband knew it, too. That’s a beautiful and rare thing πŸ˜‰

  1. Aw, what a guy!

    (it’s really weird to me that particular snack is called “puppy chow”. I only recently heard of it. I guess the various mixes need their own names, after all)

    • I think some people call it ‘Muddy Buddies.’ But ‘puppy chow’ is fun because it is hilarious when people don’t know what you’re talking about and think you are eating dog food like that’s a thing.

  2. I would like to enlist his services for shaing out my shoes in the morning. Once, I found a 3 inch long millipede in my shoe! Talk about freaking the fuck out!

    You’re one lucky gal

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