You want to have sex, don’t you?

Monologue in my head in bed last night:

Oh my gosh, my hair is so oily and greasy and gross. Should I have washed it when I showered after work? I mean, good thing I showered, that place is so filthy.

God, I’m hormonal. Totally PMSing. I am sooo horny. Hmmm, I wonder when Rich is coming to bed? Ugh, I hope he doesn’t think I am gross with my icky hair.

Why does it get so oily? I wash it ever day! I know old ladies who only wash their hair once a week, then go to the salon for a style and a can of hairspray and they’re good!

Mmmm, the bed is so cozy and warm. And I am soooo horny. Need lovin. I wonder if we’ll have sex tonight? Maybe I should start washing my hair twice a day? Mmm, want to kiss the husband. But will he be super turned off by my icky hair?

Actual conversation between me and Rich when he came to bed about one minute later:

Me: Do you think my hair looks gross?

Rich: You want to have sex, don’t you?

15 thoughts on “You want to have sex, don’t you?

  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! This happens to me all the time! Cept your husband is way smarter than mine.


  2. My wife and I just came back from a weeks worth of camping. 2 days without a proper shower wasn’t enough to discourage sex! When you’re in the mood, love is blind. 🙂

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