Week 2: This could be possible. I can make this happen. Probably. Maybe.

What I did this week to work toward my RV dream:


This is no time for decision making or purchases. There is so much out there. There are so many possible paths.

I went RV shopping this morning and saw so many wonderful things. All were, of course, completely out of my price range – but everything will be because my price range right now is *free*.  But looking is oh so helpful, stepping in, touching the material on the benches that will be beds, standing up and hitting or not hitting my head, checking out the length in person rather than in pictures.

What seems most likely to happen is that hubby and I will start with a camper trailer. Although, hubby is very handy and I am playing around with the idea of getting a van and converting it ourselves. Who knows. We are still in the earliest of stages.

The most amazing find of the week was this:


I found the story of someone who is basically living my dream, and so I will go to this website like it is an online mentor.

It feels like this dream could become a reality. I could make it happen. Maybe. I hate to say someday because of that song ‘Someday Never Comes.’ I guess that means I need to follow a serious and practical path of action to make this dream happen. My action right now – research. I am enjoying this stage of possibilities, shopping, pictures, and dreams.

(Below: Some fun, funky trailers I saw this morning.)

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