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My about page for Etsy:

This is how LivingRoomWall started:

My husband and I looked forever at stores to find something unique and beautiful to hang on our living room wall. We kept on seeing the same kinds of things at the discount stores that were in our budget, and nothing caught our attention as something we wanted to look at and be inspired by every day.

I secretly wished I could paint murals, then we would really have something unique and special in that room. Then I thought, hey, I can’t paint, but I can do photography, why not use some of my own art to hang? So hubby and I picked out some favorites, printed them at home, and purchased some frames at the dollar store. For less than ten dollars, we got a beautiful, mural-like display of themed photography on our own LivingRoomWall.

I want to share this idea with others who would like something unique to look at every day in their home and have it be affordable.

Thanks for stopping in!

PS. One suggesting for a pleasing way to use these photos is themes. For example, you could do 5×7 framed prints of the different Paris Door photos and have a beautiful pattern display on your own living room wall.


(The end of my ‘About’ page doesn’t say ‘Sacre-Coeur,’ that is just a link for you!)

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