Kids and Puppies

This is how my nieces are totally like puppies:

  • From the mouth of my brother-in-law, “Sometimes she gets excited and forgets.” This was in response to niece #1 peeing herself when a lot of visitors came over.
  • If we are outside, keep eyes on niece #1 at all times, or she is known to take off running down the block. (They make leashes for kids, right?)
  • When I use the bathroom, niece #2 comes and scratches at the door until I come back out.


I wanted to end this post with a picture of a cute puppy, but all I have is this picture of a Koala bear (sorry, no photo credit, have no idea where I got this), and those fuzzy, claw-y creatures are as cute as puppies, just ask Sheldon.

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