How do you feel about perfect attendance awards?


Last week, my boss handed out perfect attendance awards at a meeting.

Would I feel this way if I was a recipient? Because this is the way I feel:

The people who have perfect attendance should not be awarded. Why? Because the reason they have perfect attendance is because they come to work sick, when they should stay home so as not to spread their sickness around. Which, of course, they do when they come to work sick. And they do it to all of us who responsibly use sick days when we need them, and thus do not receive perfect attendance awards. (Which come, by the way, with one extra paid day off a year and accrue each year, up to five years.)

Is this an incentive for people to come to work sick, and to not respond appropriately to personal and family emergencies?

Thanks for listening. Rant over.


11 thoughts on “How do you feel about perfect attendance awards?

  1. My company went to quarterly perfect attendance awards this year. That is so much better. I hated that I and coworkers practically killed themselves to meet the unrealistic, unproductive award of years past. I share your trepidation.

  2. I think the whole thing is stupid. Sick days, paid leave, etc. — all this is part of my INCOME. I provide my boss a service {my employment, my time, my ideas, etc.} in exchange for an agreed upon amount of dollars and perks. Don’t give me the fkn perks we agreed upon, and then frown at me when I use them. Personally, I take every single paid day I am allowed, because that’s the shit I negotiated to receive upon being hired. Those days belong to me; they are mine, not the company’s. I’m not an a-hole for using them, and should not be made to feel so. But then, Corporate America loves to make its employees feel like they can never do enough, and that they should always be grateful to be employed, like they are doing us this huge favor as opposed to merely living up to their end of an agreed upon transaction. Those jerk-faces who come in sick merely perpetuate this problem {in addition, of course, to spreading their cooties}.

    Sorry to have ranted on your rant. I should have just left it at “AMEN!” because now I’m all riled up and I DON’T EVEN WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME ANYMORE!

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