Ten Years of Marriage

10 years. It has been 10 years.

We met in November.

Got engaged in December.

Married in January.

People thought we were nuts. If someone told me they were marrying someone they have only known for two months I would think they were crazy. I would tell them they should date for a while. Move in together after that. See how it works out.

Us? We Dharma-and-Greg-ed it. (Loved that show!)

Times were tough. We hit tragedy right away.

T– had committed suicide and K– was attacked and had her throat slit right before we met. There were unexpected and expected illnesses in your group of loved ones right after we met. We were there for each other for those things.

Then right after we got married M– died in war. Then B– died in war. Then N– was murdered by a co-worker in our neighborhood, at the hands of a fellow citizen while our other friends were dying protecting them.

You had freakish genetic heart conditions discovered and spent time in the ICU. Four companies that you worked for closed their doors and thus you were out of work as many times.

These have been the events of the last 10 years. We celebrate those years this weekend.

I think it is lucky that we met when we did? To be there for each other in the years we needed it most? Maybe, subconsciously or cosmically (aware that may sound cheesy, too bad, can’t think of another way to describe it), somehow we knew that we needed to get together that fast because all of that stuff was coming?

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