Dealing With Bugs in the House

Bugs make me squeamish. But hubby and I discovered something that helps reduce the appearances of the unwelcome creepers in our home.

If you are one of those people who like to catch spiders in a jar when you find them on your kitchen floor, and then release them out into the wild of your front lawn, then I caution you to stop reading this immediately, or you may cry yourself to sleep with the forthcoming murderous tale.

There is a brand called Tomcat that makes these little white boxes you fold up and that have sticky material on the bottom which is meant to capture mice.

This sticky material also stops unwanted crawling things.

Fold ’em up, place them behind pieces of furniture along floorboards (bugs tend to crawl on paths along walls) and the number of scurrying insects you have to deal with could decrease pleasantly.

Just a little tip from me to you.

Have a lovely day,


2 thoughts on “Dealing With Bugs in the House

  1. My new job is office manager for a pest control place. You can also buy something called a tin cat to put the sticky traps in and then only mice and creepy crawlies can get at them…instead of kids and pets. There are also several brands who make those glue boards and lace them with insect specific pheremone and they do work quite well (fly, hobo spider, etc.), you can find them at most hardware and farm supply stores. My only problem is picking them up and throwing them away. I’m a wus and it makes me gag.

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