Long and soft or short and hard.

I had to try this thing for a class in which I describe someone and attempt to use mostly (thank goodness mostly and not all) words with soft consonants and long vowels. Next I need to do the same but with hard consonants and short vowels.


He is real. I swear.

Maybe only for those who know him.

Okay, for me, The Wife.

I say he is more than fine.

He is wishes from blown lashes.

He is a serene leaf floating over a beehive.

A juicy orange in the rain.

You say he is a failure? No.

You say he is nice? He is more.

He won’t kneel for a meal, usually, so he may have you thrown.

He receives my wanes openly. I am free.

I own me. I own my life. I own him and he owns me.

Female. Male. He may be both.

A shear face. A hole that shows fear you won’t see or hear.

Aim for mine. Lure me.

Marry me and I will fish for a lifetime.

Never alone in the morning.

He carries me home. He holds my hair.

He shows me a new way for shame.

Roses and thorns.

He sees only roses, though he feels only thorns.

I feel rain on my face while he cries.

He seals the rain.

He heals holes for nails in our home.

He believes in signs and

Helps old ladies at the grocery store.

4 thoughts on “Long and soft or short and hard.

    • Oh my gosh, it was so hard and took forever. It felt like every word that entered my mind had either short vowels or hard consonants. I just started th portion of the assignment that actually requires us to use those and it is going much faster! I am interested to see what the other students’ experiences were in class this Thursday. Oh, and I still have to add one more sentence to the long / soft piece because the minimum word requirement is 200 and I have 196.

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