Natural Halloween Decorations

I do not need to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween this year.

As I walked out into the lovely late morning summer air today, in order to pick up some litter a passerby left on our sidewalk, I breathed deeply, enjoyed the sunshine, and felt grateful for the moment of relaxation.

Then, I had the sh** spooked out of me.

Walking back to the front door, the sunlight glistened off of something…. What was that? I got closer…



This bush is right next to our front door, and the top of it is strewn with webs from needle to needle, like someone spread cotton balls over the top to make diorama snow.

I think I will leave it all there for Halloween decoration, and also hope that those spiders will guard my house from worse creepy crawlies that may attempt to enter.

15 thoughts on “Natural Halloween Decorations

  1. Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott

    Thanks for the pingback. πŸ™‚

    I expect that it really is spider webbing. When I lived in Europe, sometimes the privet hedges would get a similar coating of silk. As for luck of any kind with spiders, I only thought that not being bit by one was good enough for me.

  2. We have, not less than 5 of the most giant, horrific looking spiders living under the eve by our front door. It’s freaking the crap out of my wife! (maybe me too….a little bit.)

  3. Halloween 2013: Black and White Boo-Galoo | Dilettante Deconstructed

  4. I once had a HUGE spider that lived by my front door. A mean man who used to be my boss squished it with his small bare hands. I was horrified. I asked him why he did it and he said it was going to hurt me. Idiot.

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