What is your home office space like?

Inspired by Write on the World, who was inspired by The Bloggess:

Some pictures of my office. DSC00845[1]

The mug: I found it at a thrift store and had to buy it. Why? Because it looks just like my husband’s face. Freaky.

Oh, and don’t miss the mini Bop-It!


The office is sort of a weird add on / storage / 3 seasons room (is that a thing?) and we also keep things in it like an old TV that I am now using as a shelf on which I have book shelves that are made with actual books that we haven’t hung up yet. Did that last sentence make sense? Also, hubby painted the door blue, and the windows each a different color.


Um, that’s a window. Inside. Like, there is a bedroom, and not outdoors, on the other side of that window.



Usually the pin board is full of scraps of paper with my chicken scratch on them, but I recently typed all of my novel notes and cleared the board.





Heehee, the ceiling lights look like boobies.

Oh, and I can’t forget my shelf full of these…


7 thoughts on “What is your home office space like?

  1. How I became Best Friends Forever with The Bloggess... » kimberliah...

  2. Now I wish I had gotten a bit more detailed with the pictures on my blog rather than just looking at the big picture. You have some really cool stuff in your office!

    BTW, The Bloggess commented on my post, and my page views for that day DOUBLED! 🙂

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