Accepting Bodies as They Are

I am suddenly interested in the history of body hair.

Probably because, as a woman, I resent being socially forced to shave legs and pits when dude’s don’t have to.

Okay, maybe we are a little even, because you dude’s have to shave your faces? But not really, cause y’all can just grow beards, even though that still involves some grooming. So were are even-ish. But not really because if you have a funky beard, people like look, because you look interesting and people are inclined to look at interesting things. If I grow my lady hair, then lift my arms for some reason whilst wearing a sleeveless top, people will gasp and say things like, ‘eeeew,’ within earshot.

I always suspected that the reasoning for lady leg and pit shaving had something to do with looks, and, well at least as far as internet research goes, that seems to be the case.

How come as a lady I have to do it, and dudes don’t? I realize I do have a choice. I could just not do it. But then, I would have to endure laughing and pointing, and shaving is less painful, so I choose shaving.

In my dream world everyone is kind and no one points and laughs and everyone accepts bodies as they are.

PS. As with most things in life, however, this is not totally one-sided. Sometimes I do feel pretty when my legs are smooth and feeling pretty can bring me pleasure. Life is complicated.

English: Shaving equipment Français : Rasoir e...

English: Shaving equipment Français : Rasoir et blaireau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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