There is weird around us all the time everywhere.

Do you ever just see really weird stuff?

Like today, I saw a neighborhood German Shepard dog on a walk with his owners. He had a stick in his mouth. Dog with a stick in his mouth, not weird, right? Wrong! Because at the end of that stick was tied a plastic bag of doggy poo. The dog was carrying his own poo on his walk.

Weird, but cool.

Then there is just WTF weird. Like a grown man in a fluffy bear suit on a bicycle carrying a fishing pole with fluorescent colored stuffed fish tied to the end down a busy street in a Midwestern city. For real. I drove past that this spring.

Do you ever see weird stuff where you live?

PS. Oh, and I once saw this:


(I have posted about that barrel man before, but felt he needed a mention again here.)

4 thoughts on “There is weird around us all the time everywhere.

  1. So number one, the barrel man is cool. Number two, I live in one of the capitals of southern California weird, so yes, I see odd things often. Like the fencing match in the park…or the doggy beauty show on second street…

  2. i see so much weird stuff everyday it often stops seeming weird. that’s why i live in nyc – it’s constant weird entertainment & all i have to do is walk outside!

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