Who knows your deepest secrets?

Who reads your blog?

Is it people you know? Family? Friends? Or is it total strangers?

Do your family and friends know that you have a blog? Do you link posts on your Facebook page?

Is your blog super secret? Or totally out there?

I took the super secret route. I have maybe 2 friends who know about Slimegreen, and they have sworn to super secrecy. Why did I choose that route? Because I like the total freedom to write about personal things without making my siblings hate my guts or my mother wonder where she went wrong. Wait, those things have already happened…..

Let me try again. My family isn’t the kind that can talk about the real sh** and laugh about stuff. If they knew about my blog, I would be censoring myself constantly, worrying about how what they read would affect them and the family dynamic. Maybe someday I will be brave, and not worry about them knowing my feelings.

But that day is not today. So, today, I will describe the name my sister chose for her newborn as a name that means something pretentious in Sanskrit, because laughing at something like that makes me feel better and forget for just a second how hurtful she has been to me throughout life.

See? I couldn’t write that if I knew she was reading.

How far do you go on your blog? Do you share your most intimate thoughts? Do you like to keep it light? And who knows your deepest thoughts and secrets?

12 thoughts on “Who knows your deepest secrets?

  1. It took me a long time to “come out” about my blog, and I’ve clearly said I have no filter there, so reader beware. That said, I don’t talk about anything that would really hurt my husband or immediate family (although I mercilessly make fun).

    Ok, WHAT is the pretentious Sanskrit name?? I was a history major: I’m dying of curiosity. 🙂

    • The name is ‘Satya’ which means, ‘absolute truth,’ and is also the name of an Indian mob film from the 90s. When my niece gets old enough, I am going to tell her that she was named after the dude from that movie. I would probably love the name and think it was beautiful if someone who was nice to me named their baby it!:)
      I do feel awful that I do not have a good relationship with my sister. Sometimes I am torn between working on it, and also protecting myself from people who are hateful and toxic in my life….

      • Oh that’s a good one!

        Husband (who is not a fan of much of his family) often says “you can’t choose your relations, but you can choose your Family.” I’m sorry your sister causes pain: if writing about it (anon or not) helps you work through your feelings, I say go for it. Helps me, too. 🙂 Sometimes writing it (or typing) out on paper and burning it helps… Glad you’re blogging!! Love your posts. 🙂

  2. My wife and family know I blog. They even know it is a WP blog. But I do not share it with them for the same reason as you don’t share your blog with your family.

    And I learned about sharing my blog years ago. My wife threatened divorce over what she read in my blog, asked me to go to counseling with her. What I said in my blog wasn’t bad, but they were thoughts that I reserve as thoughts and she said she didn’t know the man in that blog.

    I actually caught her snooping my blog. She chose to read it without me there rather than with me, as I had asked and offered. I came home one night from work, turned on our printer and it spit out the blogs in the printer’s queu, ones she thought would incriminate me. The counselor we visited almost laughed at her.

    So, be careful.

  3. I’ve struggled with that question myself, as well. Everyone I know knows about my blog and I market my posts on Facebook and Twitter every time. So my rule of thumb is to not talk about things that would offend the people I care about.

    That said, I do poke fun a lot, but I try to make fun of myself just as much. I also try to mention how much I love the people I’m talking about despite what I’m making fun of them for. In general, I keep the theme of my blog light and fluffy to avoid people taking what I say to seriously (plus it’s more fun that way, am i right?). If there’s something that I’m actually angry about or that I feel strongly about in a way that would offend my loved ones, I just don’t write about that. I save that for venting to my husband at home. 🙂

  4. Everyone I know knows about my blog. I post it on Facebook and when I meet people for the first time I always try to work in that I have a blog. I keep it light. The purpose of the blog is just to make people laugh.

    • That’s cool. I want to make business cards that have my web address and leave them random places like taped to bathroom stall walls in restaurants or tucked inside of popular books at the library, because I do feel like I miss out on being able to tell people sometimes.

  5. It’s so funny you bring this subject up. I can truly relate. To this day my mom, dad and sister have never read my blog. I never really mentioned it for the first few months. Only a few people really know about my blog and even fewer have ever read it (that I know of). I actually like it that way because I don’t hold back no matter what the topic. I like that sense of freedom where you don’t have to worry about what other people who know you might think. Great article!!

    • Sometimes I think, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll tell my family now,’ but then I stop myself, because I just know I would change how I write so as to not anger anyone! Also, my parents are super religious in a strict kind of way and my mom would flip out and possibly impose an intervention if she were to read a post in which I used the *F* word. This is why I often use the word,’frack,’ because even though my mother doesn’t read my blog, I feel like she would know somehow that I was typing a word she doesn’t approve of.

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