Shipwrecked in Maine


As y’all know from Adventures in Maine, I *had* to go to Maine for work.

I took about a gazillion pictures of this lighthouse. As one of my travel companions said when we approached this gorgeous Cape Elizabeth landmark,
“This is so totally Maine.”

Oh yeah, I had awesome travel companions. One was a dude who talked sports, was into heavy metal, and loved needle-pointing pillows. I kinda want to see a character based on him in a movie.


This woman was awesome. She let me and my crew be totally touristy all over her creative space.


DSC00627 DSC00630 DSC00634 DSC00639 DSC00641 DSC00646 DSC00647 DSC00653 DSC00657 DSC00666

You know how digital cameras assign numbers to the pictures you take? Well, the above picture with the creepy rock about the shipwrecked woman was assigned a number in which the last three digits were 666…..

DSC00669 DSC00673 DSC00677 DSC00678 DSC00685 DSC00690 DSC00694 DSC00724 DSC00728 DSC00757 DSC00762

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