Jetty in Maine

As continued from: Adventures in Maine and Shipwrecked in Maine

Whale watching is totally on my bucket list. We didn’t go, but I got to take a picture of a whale watching boat, so I’m on my way!


I kept on wanting to call this a ‘Jiggy’ (thank you, Will Smith), but it is actually called a ‘Jetty.’ I was finally able to get the word right by thinking of Yetis, because it rhymes, and because Yetis are fun.


A Lobstah trap trapped in the rocks:

DSC00530 DSC00534 DSC00535 DSC00548 DSC00554 DSC00558 DSC00564 DSC00565 DSC00568 DSC00571 DSC00578 DSC00585 DSC00590



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