Adventures in Maine

“People will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

People in Maine made me feel awesome. I felt kindness everywhere. And kindness is my number one value in life.

The souvenir magnets in the airport gift shops of Portland, Maine, all said things like:

  • Keep calm, you’re in Maine
  • Peace, Love, Maine
  • Maine, the way life should be
  • Maine, Vacationland

Happiness in this geographic location is a priority. Yes!

Here are some adventures from my Maine travels (I *had* to go there for work. *Sigh*):


Sorry, vegetarians:

Lobster (or should I say, ‘LobstAH,’ yes, I think I should), before:


and after:



An evening at the pier:

DSC00441 DSC00449 DSC00450

Looking down!:

DSC00451 DSC00464

Marshmallow guns? Love it!


What was below us….creepy.


The beach:

DSC00470 DSC00472 DSC00474 DSC00475 DSC00479 DSC00484 DSC00487 DSC00489 DSC00494 DSC00495DSC00502 DSC00508 DSC00509

And, people get to live here in sea-side condos! Yay!:

DSC00511 DSC00516 DSC00517 DSC00523

More to come! (AKA, stay tuned.)

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Maine

  1. Shipwrecked in Maine – slimegreen

  2. Jetty in Maine – slimegreen

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