Yay Lesbians!

“You two are a bunch of lesbians!” Jeff P. yelled down the hallway, surrounded by his posse.

I didn’t know what a lesbian was, but from the way Jeff hollered it, it sounded like something that could get me made fun of.

My bestest friend ever, Jessie, and I were walking down our elementary school’s hallway, toward our 3rd grade class room. And she was holding my hand.

Jeff P. made some smooching noises, his friends joined in, and I wanted to pull my hand away from Jessie, look at the floor, and hope the boys would stop as I cowered out of their aim.

But not Jessie.

I couldn’t pull my hand away because she held on to it tighter than ever, turned her head, and screamed, “She’s my best friend and we will hold hands if we want to!”

Yeah. Those boys shut the hell up.

My 33 year-old self often wishes I had the guts and stand-up-for-myself attitude that my bestest friend ever did that day oh so long ago.

PS. Once I learned what being a lesbian was, sometime later in that same school, I thought that Jeff P. was stupid for thinking it was something to be made fun of or be ashamed of. I also thought he was stupid for saying ‘You two are a bunch of…’ because we were two. And if you are two, then you are two, and not also a bunch. Humph. In your face, Jeff P. Also, it is quite likely that he grew into one of those dudes who is turned on by girl-on-girl action anyway.

For some reason I feel like I should end this by saying, “Yay lesbians!” And it is my blog, so I will.

(Update, 6-13-13, I just told my mom about this memory, and she replied: “That’s funny, sweat heart, because Jeff’s parents divorced years ago. His dad is gay.”)

12 thoughts on “Yay Lesbians!

  1. I hope you’re friend was able to stay as bold as hell, and not let society knock her down. The world needs more Jessies. šŸ™‚

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