On Being A Woman

Growing up, I was never a girly girl.

I never got into the make-up thing. I always did and still do hate shopping. And when my peers were losing their virginities in basements while their parents were asleep upstairs, I was playing capture the flag in the dark with our awesome, home-schooled next door neighbors.

As an adult woman, I don’t have any maternal instincts or desire to have babies. But still, I am a woman. There are all kinds of us out there. What do we have in common? Is it only the possession of vaginas?

How does being a woman affect me in the work place? This has been on my mind lately. I often read or hear about how women should help each other out in the professional realm. Stick together, support each other, empower each other to rise to the top.

I am not quite sure how my professional life has been affected by my possession of a vagina. But I do know this: I have never experience sisterhood solidarity in the work place. Competition, rather than cooperation, has always been evident. I prefer cooperation — an everybody wins kind of attitude. This has been met mostly with sabotage and hatred. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of awesome coworkers who have vaginas. Women who value happiness and peace in their daily work environments. But there are also those out there who I would like to study on a psychological level and find out what it is exactly that makes them so angry.

These are the women who complain to management when one of my wonderful fellow vagina possessors, who has given birth four times, takes an extra 3 minutes above her single 15 minute break in a six hour work shift to finish pumping her breast milk. As a result, this woman ended up eating yogurt in a locked bathroom for years to stay with in her 15 minutes, so as not to piss off the angry women (who had all given birth several times and should understand, no?). No solidarity. Very nit-picky.

So, Vagina, I love you. You are an important part of me. You make me a woman. I’m just not sure what that means.


Princess Peach

Princess Peach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 thoughts on “On Being A Woman

  1. I would honestly rather work with men than women for the most part. But I have made a few really good friends thru work too.



  2. Wow, I can’t imagine the nit-picky, unhappy person who would focus so much on someone else’s break, sisterhood solidarity aside. Why can’t we all just give each other grace? *Sigh*

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