Being a Nerd is Awesome.

I was looking through pictures today (not old school album style, but computer file style), and I found a folder I never noticed before called, simply, GAH.

It consisted of this:






Wtf? Ohhhh, I remember now. I think hubby made me watch this show once about some dude who wore a red suit and ran really fast. Oh wait, there was another one that had to do with a suit and an instruction book and some….aliens, maybe?

Yeah, that was it.

Greatest American Hero.

Oh, and these were in the file, too:


tn_gha black

And, wait for it:

tn_gha black12

Yes, the black one was in there twice. Are they different? I don’t know. Geeky stuff can get very technical and I don’t want to offend.

I also found a folder consisting of only bat symbol pictures. All in different styles, of course.


Um… I knew he was a nerd when I married him, and I told him I was okay with that. Does he feel the need to hide a certain level of nerdiness?

Disclaimer: My apologies for lack of photo credits. I’m pretty sure you can just Google image, “Greatest American Hero and Gigantic Nerd” and find these pics?

Other disclaimer. Nerds are awesome and I love nerdiness. I would actually like to be nerdier, myself.

Ah ha! I just remembered a kick ass episode of Gilmore Girls in which Sebastian Bach sang an awesome, super hard rock version of ‘Believe it or Not’ (theme song for Greatest American Hero, like you didn’t know). Yes. Perhaps I do have a little nerdy in me, after all.

Being a nerd is awesome. Wil Wheaton says so:

PS. Sometimes things / conversations that happen on the show, The Big Bang Theory, happen in my real life.

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