Going Cold Turkey


Me: I want puppy chow.

Hubby: I’m giving up sweets. I’ll have granola bars instead from now on.

Me: Really? Good for you. I still want puppy chow.

Hubby: Yeah. I’m not giving up cold turkey, though. I like cold turkey. It’s good on sandwiches.

18 thoughts on “Going Cold Turkey

  1. Love the silly convos you have with your husband. I have them too. Keeps things interesting. (For the record, I mean I have them with my husband. Would be weird if I was referring to yours). Happy blogging!

  2. Is it bad that I don’t know what puppy chow is? Aside from the type that you feed to puppies. Because we had puppies not all that long ago and we went through that by the bag full. It didn’t look all that appealing to me?

    • Yes! I love the chance to educate people about my culture. Puppy chow is a fabulous desert with chocolate and powder sugar and Chex cereal and more. The best part is putting everything in a big paper bag and shaking it all up to mix it! Super fun when you are a kid, but as an adult, there is a fabulous store near by that makes it and every now and then I’ll pick some up. It is mostly known in the U.S. Midwest, so it is super fun to talk about eating it when people don’t know what it is and think you mean dog food. (Although lets be honest, I did try dog food once as a kid on a dare.) Yay!

  3. Initially I thought you literally meant PURINA Puppy Chow, and I thought, “well, hmmm..that’s an interesting way to get puppy breath…” and then I saw the picture, at which point, I started to drool. šŸ˜‰ (And I am probably the only weirdo who adores puppy breath…when the fur kids where little, I would hold their faces up to my nose and inhale all that puppy-goodness…)

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