Dream Career…..

There are a lot of things I have wanted to be:

  • Aerobics instructor
  • Yoga instructor
  • Buddhist nun
  • Dental hygientist
  • Postal worker
  • Tap dancer
  • Meteorologist
  • Novelist
  • Envelope stuffer
  • Truck driver
  • Photographer
  • Jump rope professional


These are just a few I remember from growing up. I never wanted to be a ballerina, or president, or an astronaut.

My writer friend over at Write on the World, in her post, “My Dream Career: A 5-Paragraph Essay,” got me thinking about what my dream career would be.

I started by thinking about what I am good at. Answer: sitting and thinking. Then, I asked myself what I enjoy. Answer: sitting and thinking.

Perhaps that is what drew me to wanting to be a truck driver all those years ago, a romanticized vision of traveling the country in peace with my own thoughts. Of course in my adult years I now know that the profession can be plagued with stressful deadlines and demands like any other job. (Now that I think about it, several of my close friends are truck drivers. Is that weird?) And the merging. Oh my god, the merging!

But my dream career? First choice? Being a nun. The kind that prays a lot and loves people a lot, and does things to help those in need. The kind with a lot of quiet time. But there are things I am just not willing to give up for that lifestyle, like the sweet, sweet lovin’ from my man.

Dream career number two (heehee, number two) it is then: Author. Specifically, novelist. Maybe this comes from my enjoyment of observing people and situations, and imagining back stories and motivations?

I am going to go for it. I feel silly doing it, but I am doing it anyway.Why? Mostly so that I don’t have regrets on my deathbed. It is doubtful that I will make money doing it. But I’m doing it anyway. Wait. What is that thing about taking negatives and turning them into positives? Instead of the latter, should I say, ‘I can make money doing this.’?

What and ever. Either way, I will go for it.

Don’t worry, I wont quit my day job.

What is your dream career?

17 thoughts on “Dream Career…..

  1. I did the truck driver thing for a while, it’s surprisingly similar to tractor driving. With mud holes instead of the merging. Plus my tractor steers itself, so that makes it better. 🙂

    My unrealistic dream job, I think I might like to run a cigar shop. But I know far to little about cigars to do that. Maybe I’ll write a book instead……but I don’t know anything about doing that either.

  2. Dream career in three parts.
    1. Actress
    2. Literature Professor
    3. Writer
    I want to be all three at the same time. I have also wanted to be Indiana Jones and a painter…

  3. I agree with you — being an author would be awesome! Being a WORLD-RENOWN, BEST-SELLING author would be SPECTACULAR! But just BEING an author is pretty cool too, even if you don’t make money at it, because it’s so damn fun to write! Glad to hear you’re going for it — and me too!

  4. Go for it! I’d love to be a real writer, but I don’t think I have the… grit? My unrealistic dream job would be film maker or pro hockey player turned coach. In reality? I still don’t know. My job’s ok. I just wish I could work fewer hours and be paid more money. 😉

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