Dingle Berries for Breakfast. Ew.


I love that I did not walk into the kitchen to find this silly joke sitting on the table in the morning, only to laugh as I grabbed a bowl and spoon, and shake my head at what a silly man I married. That would be too close to living with a normal jokester.

No. I had to find this in picture form only. Where? While perusing through an album of super cute baby pictures from family members and friends who have recently spawned. This picture closed out the album, and I so did not put it there.

Before I  laughed, my brain had a wtf? moment. This is usually how I experience my husband’s sense of humor.

6 thoughts on “Dingle Berries for Breakfast. Ew.

  1. Your husband sounds like such fun! CJ and I have taken to a version of this ourselves. On vacations, we sometimes take ridiculous photos. I develop them and we hide them in cabinets and sock drawers. We laugh like hyenas!

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